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Things Hampering Food Security in Third World Countries

February 11, 2014

Most third world countries are not food secure. Closer analysis reveals that there are several things that are hampering food security in these countries.

Firstly, we have some countries where lack of access to technology is hampering food security. Here, we are not even talking about fancy technology: such as communication technology or other related access technologies. We are talking about basic technologies: like where tractors are not easy to get in some of these countries, and where in some countries, people are unable to use improved seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other things that would enhance productivity.

Secondly, we have some countries where poor climatic conditions hamper food security. Climate change has turned out to be very acutely felt in some of these third world countries, where many people are still reliant on subsistence agriculture.

Thirdly, we have some third world countries where poor land tenure systems hamper food security. This is where, for instance, land is continually being fragmented, and where that leads to situations whereby the units available for agricultural use are simply not viable.

Fourthly, we have some third world countries where population growth that is not matched by proper planning has led to poor food security. A huge population is only a blessing if proper planning is done for it.

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