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Understanding How Third World Governments Run Social Welfare Programs

December 11, 2013

The manner in which third world governments run social welfare programs is very different from the manner in which similar programs are run in the first world. We have a situation where, in the first world, social welfare programs are run in a ‘direct’ manner. For instance, to cater for folks who can’t afford food, the governments provide food stamps directly. To cater for healthcare costs for folks who can’t afford to pay for the same by themselves, the governments run programs like Medicaid, which are essentially government health insurance programs.

In the third world, we tend to have a situation where, the governments, rather than giving the people food stamps, simply give them food aid directly.

We also have a situation where, in the third world, rather than giving people access to government medical insurance programs like the Medicaid program, the governments simply set up their own healthcare facilities, where they provide subsidized healthcare services directly.

There is one key reason as to why third world governments opt to do things in this way. The reason is in the fact that the levels of poverty tend to be very high in these countries, meaning that there are far too many people in need of government help.

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